In The World Of Blogging Again


Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. After months and months of thinking, I am here again. Blogging. This isn’t my first attempt, and I wasn’t even sure if I will ever come back to it, but after ages of moaning about how “I really want to do it” and “Would really love to have a blog again” and my other half repeatedly telling me to go for it, the final decision was made. And somehow I feel like this time it’s gonna be different.


I am different. I grew up, made my mind up about lot of things and finally figured out what it is that I want from life. And I would like to share all these little things with the world. I would like to share my thoughts, things I love and enjoy, but even the struggles of my everyday life. And who knows, maybe one day, it will inspire someone. Or just make someone smile. And that is something, right? If you’d like to know, what the things I am interested in are, and who the hell I even am, head to `About me` section to find out more!

And why do I even want to have a blog? Why share my life online, with people I have never even seen in my life? Well, I always loved forming my thoughts and feelings into sentences and writing them down on a paper. Good stuff, bad stuff … all of it. I had a diary for that most of my teenage years. Sharing was always somehow liberating for me. And thats what I’m doing here. Putting all the thoughts in my head together, piece by piece, to form an article.

So anyway, let’s hope I will achieve something here this time. And let’s hope you all are gonna enjoy reading through. If you are interested in following my life’s adventures, make sure you subscribe and don’t forget to leave a comment bellow.



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