Who is Adele?

My name is Adela. I am a 25yo girl and I come from a small town in the north of Czech Republic, where I was born and raised. About 2 years ago, my hometown started getting a little bit too small for me, so I have decided to leave university (which I wasn’t enjoying anyway and it just wasn’t something I really wanted to do) and follow my dreams.  And here I am – living in the south of England with my fiancé and enjoying life to the fullest!

I am a huge book reading fan (honestly, there is only few things better than getting cosy on a rainy day, putting your fluffy socks on and sipping hot tea while getting deeper and deeper into your favourite book), love traveling and exploring new place. I am also interested in photography, and even though I am not a professional (not even close!), I would like to share some of my stuff with the world.

I hope you will enjoy reading through my blog.