• In The World Of Blogging Again

    21/07/2020 Adele

    Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. After months and months of thinking, I am here again. Blogging. This isn’t my first attempt, and I wasn’t even sure if I will ever come back to it, but after ages of moaning about how “I really want to do it” and “Would really love to have a blog again” and my other half repeatedly telling me to go for it, the final decision was made. And somehow I feel like this time it’s gonna be different.   I am different. I grew up, made my mind up about lot of things and finally figured out what it is that I want from life. And I would like to share all these little things with the world. I would like to share my thoughts, things I love and enjoy, but even the struggles of my everyday life. And who knows, maybe one day, it…

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