deer in bushy park

Bushy Park Visit and Walking With Deers


For the longest time, I had my mind set on visiting Bushy Park. Not only to escape the four walls of our apartment I have spent so much time in during lockdown, but also to explore some of the beauties this place has to offer. As soon as me and Ryan both had a day off, we decided to make the trip. I packed my camera, couple of snacks for us and we were on our way. And it definitely was worth our while!

Wilderness just outside of London

deer in bushy park

This amazing place is located just a short drive south from London and it offers so much for it’s visitors to do. Whether you want to have a nice walk with lots to explore, a romantic picnic, or a little get together with your friends, Bushy Park is the place for you. There is much more to this park than just nice surroundings though – the entire place is filled with deers. Yes, deers. I was honestly absolutely amazed by seeing these beautiful animals everywhere around me. It was so many of them there, that I didn’t know where to look first! Bushy Park is second largest of London’s Royal Park. It is home to many animals, including red and fallow deer. Thanks to the lakes located in the park, there is plenty of water birds to be seen as well.

Right after passing the gate of Bushy Park, you make your way around a beautiful roundabout with stunning Diana Fountain in the middle. There is plenty of car parks around so it wasn’t a problem to find a place to leave our car. For more information about car parks or opening times, just visit Bushy Park’s official website HERE. You don’t need to worry about bringing any snacks or drinks with you either, as there are some cafes right in the park available to sit down and refresh yourself.

Our Bushy Park experience

deer in bushy park

As soon as we got out of the car, it felt like we just entered another world. About 10 minutes before that, we were on a motorway and now, we are standing here. Surrounded by trees, tall grass, lakes and animals of all kinds. First thing we came around was a beautiful lake literally filled with ducks of all kinds and other water birds. I would love to tell you which ones, but I’m not gonna lie, I am no expert.

The very first deer we saw was just laying in a shadow under a tree, probably trying to cool himself down in the hot weather. I was so excited to see one! Like literally, I was like a happy kid on Christmas! I don’t think I ever came this close to a deer, unless he was behind some sort of sense. And he was really far away, just to let you know, haha. As we continued our journey, we were passing by more and more deers and they were closer and closer every time.

It was so nice to see all the cute baby deers walking so close to us, but we didn’t get to see the main thing we came for – the stunning, big and respectful male deers with these beautiful antlers on their heads. It was a bit of a disappointment, but I did enjoy our time in the Bushy park a lot. And as it was getting a little bit late, we decided to head back to the car park and head home.

Saving the best for the end

Just before leaving, we decided to treat ourself a little bit after walking for hours in such a hot day. As we were walking towards the ice cream van, we saw exactly what we were waiting for the entire day! Right in front of us, there was about 15, the most stunning, male deers with beautiful antlers! I can’t even describe how excited I was at that moment! Well, don’t even have to tell you, that instead of going home, we spent another hour just admiring those beautiful creatures (and taking loots of photos). All that walking around, trying to find them, and all that time they were enjoying people’s company right next to the car park…

All in all, I can’t imagine a better outcome of this day! We are definitely planning on visiting Bushy Park again – maybe for a little picnic, and to explore what more this place has to offer. I surely want to see Hampton Court Palace, that is right next to the park. And as the ricer Thames is right behind the corner, and much nicer than in London, we might have a little stroll around there next time as well.


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