5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Moved To UK

Tower Bridge in London

For as long as I can remember, my dream was to leave Czech Republic one day and live in a foreign country. I don’t even know why, guess my country just wasn’t big enough for me! It is almost 2 years now, since I packed my entire life into 2 suitcases and started my new adventure in England. And I don’t regret it. I love almost everything about it, it is different, the good kind of different…

When you’r moving abroad, you always do your research. That’s common sense. And it’s quite easy to find out what the rules for coming to the foreign country are, if you need any documentation, visas, what to do when you arrive etc. There is couple of things I was I knew before I moved in here though, at least it wouldn’t be such a shock for me!

Everything will seem to be difficult at first

Literally everything. Even the most simple thing you can think of will seem difficult at first. Buying a coffee, going grocery shopping, ordering food. Simply because most of the things will be different. I remember first time shopping on my own – I had no idea what to buy! I didn’t know any of the brands and it took me so long to find things at least similar to what I’m used to.

You will also have to ask lot of questions that will seem really stupid, but you just won’t know the answer. Luckily for me, everyone was really nice at all times. So don’t worry. Everyone who moves abroad goes through the same, just don’t be afraid to ask for help!

You are going to be homesick

It feels like all social media and influencers etc make living abroad look all amazing and easy. With no problems. That, unfortunately, is not the reality. You are going to be homesick, that is just part of the package of living abroad and following your dream. I honestly wasn’t expecting it that much – I already didn’t live with my parents for couple of years, didn’t see them that often, maybe once in a month, sometimes even more and thought I will be fine just flying home every 3 months. But it just hits different when you are hundreds of miles away – and it’s completely normal. You can still be happy where you are and be homesick.

I feel like it was the worst the first couple of months, before you get used to everything and get in some sort of routine. So it does get better with time. I personally feel the distance between us mostly in times of holidays, birthdays etc – it just makes me so sad I can’t be with my closest family and friends. Thanks God for FaceTime!

Making friends as an adult abroad isn’t easy

At you home town, you have friends from your childhood, people you met at university, or just friends of your friends that you really clicked on with. It’s much harder to make new friends when you move abroad. You have no “base” most of us have been building our entire life. You might find it difficult to find that friend to go grab a coffee with and talk about whatever just comes to your mind. Or at least I did. I does get better once you settle down a bit, get a permanent job etc, but it’s just not the same as at home.

Public transport is ridiculously expensive

Honestly, it is ridiculous. Where I come from, public transport is mostly cheaper than a car. Sure, it takes longer, but if you don’t have money for car or don’t own a driving license, it’s fine. Little did I know how expensive my life without a car will be here in England. Especially if you’r not working locally and need to commute every day, prepare to pay A LOT of money for it. Maybe better to just get ready to buy a car as soon as you get here. I definitely would, could’v saved hundreds of pounds!

Weather isn’t actually that bad in England

For my entire life I always heard all the bad things about English weather. That it’s always raining, it’s cold and just rubbish in general. And I moved in here with these expectations. Yes, it does depend on where you live, it definitely is worse in the north, but where I live? Not true at all. It can actually get really hot and 25 degrees here are completely different to the same temperature back in Czech.

Especially the winters are absolute nothing compared to the ones in Czech republic. You barely get any snow and temperatures about 0 are completely normal. I was used to meters of snow and proper freezing winter. Now yes, it was a pleasant surprise, but I wasn’t ready for it! I had all the shoes and jackets I was used to wear in Czech and they were completely useless.

If it’s your dream to move abroad, whether it is for a job, experience or love, don’t hesitate. It is not gonna be easy, but it is worth it. I have never been happier, it just would’v been a little bit easier being ready for all the things people don’t tell you. I hope my article will help at least some of you and prepare for such a big change a little bit better.

Are there any things you wish you knew before you moved away? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Lovely

    27/07/2020 at 8:32 AM

    These are all great and it’s so true how we assume that certain things will be easy when we move to another country. I am currently living in Dubai and we moved here last year and still not completely settled just yet.


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